Born: 1950, Los Angeles, CA

Education: Occidental College & University of Southern
California.  He holds degrees in English, American Literature, Asian Studies, and Information Science. 

Profession: Last position: Head Administrator for the County of 
Los Angeles Public Library System (library career spanof 25 yrs., now retired). 
Present profession: Poet/ Scholar/ Editor/ Critic 

President of the Tanka Society of America
Contributing Editor-- Modern English Tanka
Author of "Tanka Cafe" appearing in Ribbons (quarterly)

Los Angeles, & South Pasadena, CA  (yrs. 1950-2004)
Fresno, CA (yrs. 2004-2010)
Clovis, CA (yrs. 2010 to present)

Married to:
Karen J. McClintock, literary artist /photographer /digital imagist.  

Literature, poetry, philosophy, art, music, architecture, cinema, astronomy, and the unending glory of nature. 

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Michael McClintock is an American poet, writer, editor, critic, and theorist specializing in Neo-Imagist and Subjective Realist literature, including independent scholarship in English-language tanka, haiku, haibun, and related forms and genres.

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